In order to achieve their social mission, as a member of the group to pursue happiness of all, the right place and contribute to society, a trusted global company, we have been constantly create a comfortable, attractive new value of life:
1. Customer demand-oriented, to meet customer demand, responsible to provide customers with quality products;
2. Base plate with a solid business basis, to respond flexibly to changing times, and create a new era;
3. Improve the ability of independent research and development, and actively explore new market demands;
4. Have on the Earth in an environmentally responsible manner for enterprise activities, and increase investment in environmental protection;
5. Create a warm working environment, to provide them a comfortable life;
Action Guidelines
1. Continuing challenge for the future will;
2. Rich and personalized ideas;
3. It has a broad international perspective and a sense of social coexistence;
4. Active communication;
5. Correct and rapid decisions and implementation; life;

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