Overseas Trade Commissioner
description of job:
1. Responsible to participate in overseas exhibitions, and open up the foreign market.
2. Responsible for the development of new agents for business negotiations, the signing of the sales contract to complete the sales task.
Job Requirements:
1. International trade, foreign trade business in English or Bachelor degree in clinical medicine, English listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency.
2. With more than one year foreign sales experience and understanding of domestic and international laws and regulations preferred.
3. The love of sales, cheerful, can be adapted to travel overseas, there is a strong team spirit and compression capabilities.
4. Strong communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, serious, good professional ethics.
5. strong learning ability and aggressive, passionate, hard-working.
6. priority to study overseas experience, there is a small language priority.
Mechanical Engineers
Job Responsibilities :
1. Responsible for product design.
2. Draw as required engineering drawings, the requested product standards, technical requirements and other relevant documents.
3. To be responsible for the implementation of product testing.
4. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.
job requirements:
1. Mechanical design-related professional, college education, English language.
2. Familiar with the two-dimensional, three-dimensional design software, skilled use of office software.
3. To understand the relevant laws and regulations of the medical device industry, familiar with the product development process, capable of undertaking independent new product development projects, to prepare product standards and related technical documents.
4. prudent, practical, strong communication skills, willing to learn, have team spirit.
Product Specialist
Job Responsibilities:
1. Participation in market research and data collection and analysis, provide the basis for product development and market planning.
2. The competing product analysis and market strategy development.
3. To participate in the new products, key products to market promotion, training.
4. Participation product design related information.
1. clinical medicine, biomedical engineering, machining or manufacturing design and other professional degree or above.
2. English listening, speaking, reading and writing excellent, high level of computer skills.
3. Good organizational communication skills; careful and meticulous work, careful and meticulous, rational and strong.
4. A strong sense of responsibility, courage to take challenging work; a pioneering spirit and teamwork.
5. competent travel.

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