Enhanced driving pleasure, exclusive urban SUV tire New Arri

In recent years, with the passenger car market holdings rising, China has become a veritable automotive powerhouse. In urban SUV as a multi-functional positioning models, because of its car-like handling fluidity, high spatial practicality and excellent performance is particularly by people of all ages, which also brings this model explosive growth. However, with the increasing market demand, the driver of the car's handling, stability, fuel performance have put forward higher requirements.
Designed for urban SUV, developed a new generation tires GRANDTREK PT3 emerged. GRANDTREK PT3 on the basis of high-tech materials on physical design has been optimized:
1, the use of special low-SUV high heat density rubber tread to avoid unnecessary heat generated by fuel consumption, small potholes and pavement bonding, increase the contact area so that the wet performance can be improved, more comfortable driving rain;
2, optimize and perfect circular cross-sectional design of the tread pattern, the tire ground pressure distribution is more uniform, compared with the previous generation, handling and stability GRANDTREK PT3 has been significantly improved;
3, compared to the previous generation, the road contact area GRANDTREK PT3 increases not only enhance the wear resistance of the tire, but also extend the life and reduce the frequency of replacement of the tire;
4, fashionable and stylish sidewall design, more urban SUV new fashion.
GRANDTREK PT3 launched a total of 16 inches to 18 inches total of 10 optional specifications, support, Volkswagen Tiguan, Subaru Forester, JEEP freedom passengers, Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4, Mitsubishi Jin Hyun, many Nissan QASHQAI Trail and other SUV models.
Dedicated to provide you with a safer driving environment for you to find the best balance of driving pleasure and safety performance.

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