2015 supporting the latest models - Shanghai Volkswagen Lin

The models provide support for the Shanghai Volkswagen's new release of the coupe "Lamando Ling crossing," This compact car design vigorous, using a number of forward-looking technology, show the trend of the young style, with a perfect TSI engine, low fuel consumption , environmental conservation advocate new ideas, matching tires ENASAVE EC300 + and its perfect fit.
ENASAVE EC300 + is a fuel-efficient environmentally friendly products under ENASAVE series. "ENASAVE" intent that is "ENERGY SAVE", to promote the concept of environmental protection of the global environment. Through the "ENERGY SAVE" the practice of universal values, low fuel consumption tires, the ultimate realization of "NATURE SAVE".
ENASAVE EC300 + uses an exclusive rubber compound technology to effectively reduce rolling resistance and control excess heat, a significant reduction in fuel consumption.
Also new asymmetric tread design and tire construction not only reduces the driving noise, better ensure excellent wet braking performance. Cutting-edge technology to improve the rolling resistance, in order to achieve reduction in CO2 emissions and achieve the concept of green, and effectively both comfort and safety, supporting this specification 205 / 60R16 92V.

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