2014 China Jinlun Award Published rubber tire Sen shared the

Recently, the domestic well-known professional automotive magazine - China Golden Wheel Award results for "car with four-wheel drive modified Herald" held officially announced.
The Golden Wheel Award contest has been the fifth test, has been "modified with four-wheel drive" adhere to the most professional and serious way to test out various features of each tire. Each project is carefully set up in accordance with international practice, a view to testing the most accurate and objective data.
The current selection is tested by the test team and the experts changed the venue, will be moved to the test site in Huizhou Fukuoka Speedway. This track length is 1.4 km from a number of well-known riders to complete the design of the track, with a variety of different combinations of corners, so that the results of this evaluation more comprehensive and convincing.
In the selection and then folded in SG!
The judges for the award given to the two tire widely recognized and highly appreciated.
DZ102 product positioning is a high level of sports performance tire products. DZ102 DZ101 the basis of the previous generation made on a number of optimization and improvement through the use of new tire materials and structures to optimize the design of the tread pattern, the tire to improve all aspects of wet and dry grip performance and abrasion resistance, effective reduce driving noise of the tire.
This product has good stability and tracking of at 18m intervals Slalom test, point very clear. In the slalom course through the steering wheel can be transmitted to the driver plenty of confidence and grip limit is higher. In emergency braking lane change test, the tire can still be very good according to the driver's intentions direction under high load conditions, with a high controllability. Once again confirms the high level of mobility product positioning.
VEURO VE302 tire is located in a high-quality tire products driving. Product design focus on handling and quietness of perfect balance. On both sides of the inside of the tire, with high intensity zone, reducing the vibration amplitude of the tire when traveling with just the edge, thus effectively reducing the running noise of the tire. Through carefully designed to ensure that the tread of the tire in the wet road surface can also have a good driving performance. Furthermore, it can effectively increase the stability of the tire during running and reduce the vibration of the tire when traveling, to reduce the phenomenon of partial wear, increasing durability of the tire.
In this test Kingland award, VEURO VE302 can keep people at ease in the reaction Slalom Slalom wetlands. Slalom during tire with good handling and stability, even if there is no obvious sense of slipping in wet ground conditions. In terms of noise performance even better, if not pay attention to listen to in the car, driving almost hear the noise of the tire. Even when the vehicle noise test, we found that this tire while driving through low noise tires, but tire noise is more delicate and will not appear noisy, it is possible to bring the occupants very quiet interior environment.
"China Golden Wheel Award" is not just a simple tire evaluation activity, it is truly allow consumers more intuitive understanding of product features can be more explicitly select the tire you need.
DIREZZA DZ102 and VEURO VE302 excellent performance of these products, be sure to get professional again, and that consumers will also create more high-quality products as the goal and continued to improve.

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