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"Over the past year, I have done two things, the first thing is a super car." April 14, the long silence of music as chairman and CEO Jia Yueting represented on the music, as the phone conference.
Conference, music, as released the first full-intelligent terminal ecosystem EUI system, and declared that "EUI mobile phone operating system will become a super driver of the car."
It is reported that in Silicon Valley headquarters of the music, as the super car, has set up more than 260 R & D team, and operates more than a year. China TMT music, as the super car project also debut yesterday. Vice president of music, as the super cars (China) Company PROCEEDINGS, with the former FAW - Volkswagen production director FrankSterzer joint appearance, which will be responsible for manufacturing super automobile production related operations.
According to reports, music as music, as the super car will be based on the advantages of resources to build, and EUI ecology user interface will become the core of the Smart car.
In January, the music, as the release LeUIauto version, now has been fully upgraded to EUI system. Networking with other car brands car system is different, music, as the super-car equipped with EUI system will open up all aspects of music as ecology, will realize the phone, TV, PC end, large-screen movie theater and even cars linkage.
Although R & D in the United States, but the qualification of domestically produced music has also been on the agenda, as the mention. Not long ago, the NDRC on the electric car business access comments sparked enthusiasm brightest companies, government departments interested in promoting some "new faces" to enter the electric car production, music, as the car could also become a strong competitor.
"We met with the leadership of the week before the Ministry and other relevant ministries, has also been a clear indication of the views now embarking on the application." PROCEEDINGS representation.
Music, as in addition to their application production qualification, this year BAIC also announced a partnership to create a whole new generation of smart cars and music as the Internet, Beiqi equipped with music as "nervous system" of the first models will be unveiled at the Shanghai auto show.
Previously, the outside world for the music, as the repairer of the project, there are many concerns, including repairer required a lot of sources of funding. Zhengyu said that music, as have the ability to attract a lot of investment to guarantee the progress of the project to build cars, "Our financing is globally oriented."
Jia Yueting called "funding has not been music as advantages, but the short board." Consider music as a non-listed company's equity financing open.

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