2015 Shanghai auto show spectacle without losing the charm

Get together unveiled the SUV models
In this year's Shanghai auto show, the Asian debut of the new Audi Q7, the domestic first-Benz GLE, new Nissan Loulan, the new Lincoln MKX, Renault Kadjar, Honda's new compact SUV concept car, BMW X7 SUV concept car, Ssangyong's first small SUV Diwei La and first SUV model Jaguar F-Pace, as well as Harvard H8, Haval H6 Coupe, popular King Plaza XV, Baojun 560, Trumpchi GS4, Qoros 2 SUV, Jianghuai refine S2, Brilliance China V3, etc., will shine debut.
The reason why many manufacturers raring Rush SUV models, because the SUV market in recent years hot again and again, eye-catching.
China Association of Automobile Manufacturers statistics show that domestic SUV market thriving, Kaigegaozou, in March 2015 sold 474,100, an increase of 53.57%, growth of 43.34%.
Competition in the car market presents a stalemate state occasion, rapid growth continues unabated, the lucrative SUV market segment, no doubt provided a rare opportunity for excellent breakout forces were divided.
At the Shanghai auto show, its own brand, a joint venture brand betting invariably SUV, get together to bring new blockbuster debut, nearby expand competition, it is clearly apparent in the layout of the acceleration of market segmentation strategy.
Younger consumers, personalized, fashion trends, is providing strong support for the further amplification SUV segment. There are fueled, automotive vehicle height of a second-tier cities of redemption, consumption upgrade.
Experts predict that the next SUV sales will then pushed until the height of five or six hundred million units.
But it is worth noting that, despite the sword easy road gets going on SUV models can open up a blue ocean and lead to higher returns, however, its relatively high fuel consumption, so that car prices "can not have both fish and bear's paw "- average fuel consumption caused by excessive corporate danger.
Ministry of Industry, "2014 annual average fuel consumption of passenger car business case" suggest that some car prices due to the introduction of more gas-guzzling SUV, the annual average fuel consumption rise, not fall, a total of 27 domestic passenger car business substandard. Basis of this development, in 2015 6.9 l / 100 km in 2020 to 5.0 l / 100 km for passenger car prices average fuel consumption target is bound to be difficult to reach. For the average passenger car fuel consumption of substandard car prices, or will be suspended acceptance of new products to declare moratorium on the production of the new expansion project approval, relevant models and discontinued limited production through nuclear customs and import inspection strict supervision severely punished.
Car prices in order to increasingly stringent terms of average fuel consumption standards, it must be in small displacement vehicles, new energy technology spared the article, in order to balance the overall consumption to meet the policy requirements.
Competing blooming new energy vehicles
Like with the SUV, competing blooming will also have hot new energy vehicles.
It is estimated that in the 2015 Shanghai auto show, will have a variety of Chinese and foreign new energy vehicles 50 exhibitors. Including the world premiere of the BMW X 5 xDrive40e, Mercedes-Benz GLE, Volvo S60L plug-in hybrid version of the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell cars, and BYD Song and two plug-in SUV, Geely Panda electric version, Changan four coupe Wait.
Right now, government subsidies, priority shall be exempted from the license and vehicle purchase tax and other good overlay, domestic new energy vehicle market, speed the process, the entire industry getting better.
China Association of Automobile Manufacturers statistics show that a quarter of China's new energy automobile production 27 200, 26 500 sales, year on year increase of 2.9 times and 2.8 times, including pure electric car sales were completed 16100 and 15400, respectively, year on year increased by 3.8 times and 3.7 times; plug-in hybrid sales were 11,100, an increase of 2.1 times. Among them, the new energy automobile production in March 14300, sold 14,100, respectively, an increase of 2.8 times and 3 times. Continue to extend the high-speed growth momentum since last year, 2014, domestic new energy automobile production 78 499, an increase of 3.5 times over last year; sales of 74,763, an increase of 3.2 times over the previous year (where pure electric car production and sales were completed 29894 and 29715 vehicles, an increase of 8.1-fold and 8.8-fold), the world's new energy accounted for total sales of automobiles quarter the previous year.
At this rate, by 2015, China will become the world number one, or new energy vehicle market. In the case of annual sales of new energy vehicles to 100,000 large-scale growth, "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020)" set the total sales of 500,000 new energy vehicles target or may year after implementation.
For car prices is concerned, as many sales of new energy vehicles will reduce overall fuel consumption enterprises, to ensure normal production and the only way to profit models. "The average fuel consumption of passenger car business accounting approach", electric, fuel cell passenger cars and other vehicles not only enjoy the integrated operating condition of fuel consumption according to the actual value of zero calculated promotions, press 5 times the amount of the base and recognized accounting .
New energy vehicles plays an important role in China's auto industry transformation and upgrading. The development of new energy vehicles is undoubtedly the future of the automotive industry transformation and upgrading of priority. Firm determination and policy initiatives from the top, will push forward the new energy automotive industry continued to rise.
March 25, Premier Li Keqiang made the deployment of accelerating the implementation of the "Made in China 2025" to achieve manufacturing upgrade. One energy-saving and new energy vehicles ranked among the top ten areas.
Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang, Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, said intelligent network, the electric car industry has become the most significant of the three major trends, and in which new energy vehicles is the intelligent network and the best support .
Lower international oil prices, to a certain extent, weakened the consumers to buy new energy vehicles driving force. Oil cooling, policy Tianchai.
Following the purchase tax relief, free license, toll concessions, peak periods limited to the line, but also makes the energy consumption of new vehicles increased the allure. With the implementation of charging infrastructure subsidies, charging network everywhere, so that new energy vehicle owners annoyed mileage anxiety also swept away. More and more potential customers will be early adopters of new energy vehicles.
April 2 Beijing Municipal Government issued "on the implementation of the weekday peak hours regional traffic management measures limit line notice" clearly provides for pure electric passenger cars limited to the line. According to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Executive Vice President and Secretary General Dong Yang said, in order to encourage more social capital into the charging pile construction field, our country may introduce the charging facility subsidies this year.
Bus purchase cars, new energy to improve municipal procurement of new energy vehicle demonstration cities supporting policies will make the new energy vehicle sales accelerated.
July 2014 five departments jointly issued the "government agencies and public institutions to buy new energy vehicles embodiment", requiring the purchase of new buses next three years, 30% shall be for the new energy vehicles.
And not long ago, the Ministry of Communications issued "on accelerating the implementation of new energy automotive industry to promote the views of Transport in the application," and proposed that by 2020, new energy vehicles in the transportation industry applications take shape, in urban public transport, rent the total amount of automobiles and city logistics and other fields to reach 300,000; new energy automotive service facilities basically complete, new energy vehicles, operational efficiency and safety has improved significantly.
In addition, business model innovation and the rise of timeshare leases, lease installments are to stimulate consumer desire.
Air pollution, haze gray day, the urgency of environmental management, but also to bring new energy vehicles can display their fists huge space for development.
2015 Chinese new energy vehicle sales is expected to achieve explosive growth, surpassing the United States as the world's first, almost no suspense.
The car turned out to Internet
With new energy technologies, Internet technology is an important force for profound changes in the traditional automotive industry.
In the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, equipped with music, as the first paragraph eUI BAIC models will debut its mysterious veil will be lifted.
Coincidentally. In the meantime, Alibaba will jointly publish a new strategic automotive business partners and cooperation in various fields through forums manner.
Car companies, Internet companies to "Flex" image appeared on the show, because they are "industry specializing in surgery," in favor of the introduction of complementary advantages and accelerate the rhythm and the promotion of value chain upgrading.
For example, Alibaba will design the new car digital entertainment systems, cloud computing, maps and data analysis system, SAIC will provide vehicle development knowledge and skills. And jointly set up 10 billion "Internet car fund" to promote "Internet car" development and operation platform, offering the first car models in the related 2016; and "music as" the same car from Beijing supported hardware level, Beijing Automotive We will carry music as the development of intelligent systems, EUI operating system, vehicle networking systems.
In fact, the use of the Internet and then become the new thinking repairer industry consensus, the depth of integration of information technology and industrialization "Internet car" as a potential point of growth, is causing many car companies and IT companies attention and action.
In addition to Alibaba and SAIC, and music, as BAIC, Tencent and Foxconn and harmony cars also recently signed the "on" Internet + pedelec "strategic cooperation framework agreement." Thus, Foxconn and harmonious automotive vehicle obtained from Tencent Internet solutions, and Tencent to create intelligence from the former found a car platform.
Internationally, Google has been cultivating for many years in the field of smart car, Apple has set up a secret research center committed to creating intelligent vehicles. Like Volvo, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Toyota and other car companies are not far behind in this regard.
The ever-changing mobile Internet technology for the automobile towards a higher degree of intelligence created the possibility, it brings the effect will be amazing. Minister of Industry and Miao Wei pointed out that "the Internet is bringing a subversive, revolutionary innovation."
Development and application of Internet technology, is bound to intelligent vehicle technology, automotive marketing model innovation and use of new energy vehicles to break the traditional mindset and so a huge inspiration and opportunities.
More emphasis on automation, intelligent manufacturing upgrading as the starting point of the "made in China 2025", the traditional automotive manufacturing Butterfly, points out a clear direction. The future popularity 5G communications network will also provide technical support for the development of more intelligent Internet car.
Shanghai Auto Show, the car turned out to the Internet, passing out intelligent vehicle speed signal. More safe, comfortable and convenient "Internet smart car" worth the wait!

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