Service Policy

Service policy commitment: three bags of quality, the company in 2015 the tire industry continue to use the longest period of five years, three packs; another company's tire tire accident occurred 4 high-end products tie to wear, scratches and drum kits the implementation of conditional free replacement policy; tire drum kits for its 14 hot-selling product occurs also implemented a conditional free replacement policy. For the common consumer drum kits, nail bar and other tire failure caused by improper use, the tire company's compensation policy, so that consumers truly feel the true meaning of self-confidence of its products and services.
A brand creation and growth, is bound to make the product experience - do service - to do this kind of cultural history. Tire company has been basically completed the layout of the product line, its variety of patterns and specifications can meet different needs of consumers. Therefore, in order to seek greater development, the company tire started to increase investment in the "service", particularly investment in building and improving after-sales organization. At the same time, the company also launched a series of tire higher than the industry standard of service policy, but also on the consumer tire damage caused by improper use of conditional compensation to maximize achieve consumer satisfaction.

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