Tyre Specifications

Tire size tire geometry and physical properties of the flag data. Tire specifications common set of numerals, before a pair of numbers indicates the tire section width and flat rates, the latter number represents the rim diameter, are in inches. In the middle of letters or symbols have special meaning: "x" indicates high-pressure tires; "R", "Z" indicates radial; "a" represents the low-pressure tires. Finally, there is generally a combination of numbers and letters represent the tire strength.
    Rated tire layers: also known as level refers to the tire cord rubber layer the nominal number of layers is not completely consistent with the actual number of plies, it is an important indicator of the strength of the tire. Level with the Chinese flag, such as the 12 level; English signs, such as "14P.R" or 14 layers pole.
    Cord material: Some tire separate label, such as "nylon" (NYLON), after the general standard in the level; some tire manufacturers marked in the world after the specifications, with the first Pinyin letters, such as 9.00-20N, 7.50 -20G etc., N denotes nylon, G represents the wire, M is cotton, R represents rayon.
    Load and pressure: generally designated maximum load and corresponding pressure, load with "kg" as a unit, namely pressure tire pressure, the unit is "kPa."
    Rim Size: Indicates the tire rim to match with the specifications. Facilitate the practical use, such as the "standard rim 5.00F".
    Balance Flag: color rubber mark shape, printed on the sidewall to indicate the lightest tires here, when the assembly is on the valve, in order to ensure the balance of the whole tire.
    Scroll direction: tread on the tires of the traveling slip drainage particularly critical, so asymmetrical pattern commonly used off-road vehicle tire rolling direction arrow sign assembly, in order to ensure that the design of adhesion, anti-slip properties. If installed wrong, it is counterproductive.
    Wear limit signs: one side with rubber tires, tire wear limit mark blocks, once the tire wear to achieve this flag should be replaced, otherwise they will be strong enough halfway puncture.
    Production batch: a set of numbers and letters with signs indicating the year of manufacture and the number of tires. Such as "98N08B5820" represents August 1998 Group B produced the first 5820 tires. Condition for identifying the production batch of tires and storage time.
    Trademark: A trademark is a sign of tire manufacturers, including trademarks text and images tend to be more prominent and eye-catching, easy to identify. Most of the make and manufacturer marked attached.
    Other Tags: products such as grade, production license number and other subsidiary signs. It can be used as the selection of reference material and information.
    The following is a common tire size representation:
    Example: 185/70 R1486H
    185: Tread Width (mm)
    70: flat rate (%)
    R: radial structure
    14: Wheel diameter (inches)
    86: load index (showing the corresponding maximum load of 530 kg)
    H: speed code (representing the highest safety speed is 210 km / h)

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