What is the run-flat tire?

The so-called run-flat tire puncture means appear in the car driving, car tire pressure is reduced to zero, it is still able to set the speed of travel a certain distance passenger car tires. It is because when you realize the improvement of driving safety performance and fuel consumption of resources and the removal of spare car tire caused environmental performance while saving the popular attention, has been used by many types of vehicles.
With the car's progress alongside the line of DUNLOP, from early on started to run-flat tire research and successful implementation of practical, technical strength has been recognized.
Now a lot of luxury cars of the original car matching tires are run-flat tires.
1, in the case of zero pressure, it can still travel, improved safety performance.
Suffered leaks in the process of moving, in the case of zero pressure, the vehicle can be used to throw a certain speed with a certain distance.
At a speed of 80KM / H's case, with 80KM as a necessary condition for a run-flat tire.
2, no spare tire, more spacious interior space, resource conservation and fuel costs.
That does not need a spare tire, spacious interior space to achieve a body weight reduction, which saves resources, while improving fuel economy and environmental performance.
3, sidewall further strengthen the development of the evolution of technology CTT (Combined Technology Tyre)
Involute curve has a unique arc cross-sectional shape that is more tough sidewall, thereby effectively reduce the weight of the tire is lightweight body, this improvement greatly played a tire excellent wet performance, and improve the performance curve wear resistance, to achieve a comprehensive beyond.

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