On winter tires, you can not know those things!

Approaching winter, as temperatures drop, snow began to the north, the south began to bloom. Do you find rear-end road, accidents increased rub together, if there is snow falling, the situation will become worse. Although we have enough drive carefully, the car's electronic auxiliary functions have been sufficiently advanced winter driving accident probability is still increasing. Do you realize that this is caused by the tire of it? Maybe we should put on winter tires.
As the name suggests, is designed for winter tires are designed for use in winter roads, so it is more suitable for low-temperature environment, the choice of rubber, and the use of the blocks in the design, but also increase the fine pattern on the block, in order to ensure that the wet and snowy provide sufficient grip on the road surface traction and skid resistance, ensuring better braking and handling performance make driving safer.
More suitable for low-temperature environment of rubber: plasticity tire rubber grip on the car played a decisive role, when in contact with the road surface, the rubber surface by deforming into a reaction force (depending on the specific circumstances of the road), this reaction can be accounted for to tire grip 80% to 90% ratio. The tire rubber plasticity to some extent be affected by temperature, that is, the lower the temperature, the more hard rubber tires, lower plasticity, otherwise high. Therefore, compared to ordinary tires, winter tires use special ratio of natural rubber, the rubber material is softer, it can easily cope with the cold road conditions.
Unique pattern design: To ensure that the wheel at the time of rolling over ice and snow can provide better grip effects, compared to the all-season tires, winter tire tread blocks in the number of flowers increased by about 15%, while the tire tread It will become more intensive and more finely divided, tire shoulder also usually have "snow shovel" design.

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