One tire series shopping guide: Urban SUV tire buying guide

In the domestic automobile market, the proportion of SUV has been rapid growth for several years, with the purchase of the policy limit, many families will also be the first car purchase target transferred to the SUV models. Many car companies get together at the same time also listed a number of small SUV models, the traditional SUV, shrink, become more suitable for city driving compact SUV, of course, along with a reduced price as well as SUV models, which for many SUV models into the list of optional low-budget car owners in.
One tire series shopping guide: Urban SUV tire buying guide
SUV tires introduced species
First, let's introduce the basics, SUV: SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle, which means Chinese sport utility vehicle, SUV model is an early prototype Jeep World War II, which itself is a combination of sport and multi-purpose vehicles.
SUV tires divided into three types: HT, AT and MT tires are three SUV now in the market to become more urban SUV, so some outstanding performance car tires can also be used to act as a SUV tires, but on the off-road performance for passenger car tires <HT tire <AT tires <MT tires and comfort to say the opposite.
Specifically HT: Highway Terrain, we can literally see the positioning in the high-speed road, so HT tire is mainly applied to paved road; AT: All Terrain, all terrain full adaptation, it should be said that the scope of such tires in pavement road and off-road general difficulty, but the face of extremely difficult off-road, you will need to deal with the next tire MT; MT: mud Terrain, literal meaning is clear for the mud, the main response is to compare tire harsh mountains, off-road. Three general can be determined from the depth of the tread, the tread pattern of the tire with the sole role of you, like, generally the greater the deeper the tread friction grip greater, off-road capability, the stronger but different tread materials, etc. also affect tire performance and off-road capability, not repeat them here.

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