The second series of tires shopping guide: Goodyear Tire Buy

Goodyear as an American veteran of the tire manufacturers, the quality of its cars with tires and SUV tires and passenger experience is still relatively good. Its good reputation and innovative technology, so many high-performance cars are used as original tires. Goodyear's high performance tire prices will be slightly higher, but also provide better economy tires to meet the needs of different consumers.
Goodyear History:
1898 US road traffic of all kinds of vehicles, from horses, carriages until shortly after the birth of the car, but they have an urgent need for a buffer cushion the impact of the road. So Frank Kish Berlin brothers bought a hard cardboard factory in eastern city of Akron, Ohio, began manufacturing rubber products. To commemorate the 1839 Mr. Charles Goodyear invented "cure" the brothers named the company "Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company," and select "flying feet" as a trademark, whichever is beautiful, fast meaning. Goodyear introduced the pneumatic tire in 1899 and early in 1903 he obtained a patent for tubeless tires; thus launched aircraft and truck with a pneumatic tire in 1909, Goodyear introduced four years later, "airship" ( one kind of airship filled with helium, can be used for propaganda and military). Early 1960s, Goodyear began the modern era of producing radial tires.
Goodyear Products
Goodyear tire products are divided into passenger car tires, SUV tires, winter tires and light truck tires. Xiao Bian here mainly to tell you about the most usage of car tires. Car tires Goodyear Assurance divided into series, Eagle series, Optilife benefits multiply, Excellent Sanneng, Duraplus multiply resistant.

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